Top 5 Smart Home Solutions for Better Living

Automation is always a key aspect when smart homes are being talked about. This 2014, make your own house a wiser one with these top 5 solutions.

Cleaning Systems

The busy lifestyle of everyone makes cleaning a very time-consuming task. For instance, cleaning the floor may be put on second priority over a work report due the next day. There are many floor cleaning systems that can let you do the task while focusing on the report. Automatic vacuum cleaners and wipers can be scheduled on when to clean and wipe the floor for you.

Robotic Systems

It’s not always Transformers when robots are mentioned. Today, a lot of robots can be taken home to make our tasks easier. From automated burglar and security alarms, coffee-serving helper, and electronic pets – robots are slowly becoming household necessities. In a few more years, robotic developers forecast that about 50% of households at least in the United States, Canada, and Europe will have one or more robotic helpers which they can leave to do the tasks for them – while owners are busy doing business things.

Light Automation

With remote sensing capabilities, the task of turning the lights on and off has gone beyond the use of switches. New lighting systems have the capacity to determine whether it’s dim and dark and light already needs to illuminate house parts. On top of these, new lighting systems have also incorporated new technologies such as motion detection and voice recognition.

Home Office Integration

According to recent surveys, at least one-third of Americans have signified their intentions to shift from being office workers to home workers. But this doesn’t mean that they are giving up their professional lives. This shift is largely attributed to the influx of outsourced jobs because of the savings on the side of employers. Professionals have embraced this trend because of their intention to spend more time with their family – and yes, most of the work can be done even without in office attire. New smart homes will have home office features where individuals can work in an office setting without having to leave the premises of his house. Like a typical office, an integrated home office will at least have a computer, printer, landline, copier, and internet connection.

Entertainment and Game Room

Admit it or not, part of one’s recreational routine is to indulge in games and entertainment. Gone were the days when we usually watch movies in theater screens. Today, your entertainment room can be your own theater. New television sets have bigger screens, higher resolutions, USB capabilities, and internet connectivity. With all of these features, you can enjoy old and new movies alike as you are reclined or seated on your couch, or perhaps while you are talking with friends you’ve invited over.