I Just Learned That Snapchat Can Be Hacked

I was looking around on the internet the other day and I ran across this article which was talking about the top ten snapchat hack programs. I was surprised that this sort of thing was openly available, so I tried to research how the laws looked at something like that. Obviously technology is always going to be in front of the law, there is always going to be some new thing that is not quite covered by existing laws. At the same time laws about electronic eavesdropping vary a lot from state to state. The main concept that you find when you look into these things is ownership and that makes a lot of sense when you think about it. For example if you record a conversation it makes a huge difference where you do it. Specifically something that would be illegal in another person’s home, might be legal in your own home. In some places it matters if you have the consent of both people or not, I suppose if there were more than two people in a conversation you might need all of them to give consent.

In this case it seems to make a big difference as to who owns the device which is being hacked. If for example the man of the house is paying for a phone, then in theory he can do pretty much what he wants with it. So if you buy a phone and give it to you wife or one of your children, it is probably within your rights to spy on them by hacking into their snapchat or some other program. Of course it is pretty creepy no matter what. If you got caught doing it, then you probably would have to start looking for another woman to spy on pretty quickly.