Easy Home Solutions For Nasal Congestion, Runny Nose And Sneezing

Nasal congestion, runny nose and sneezing are usually caused by viruses and foreign dirt particles. These symptoms cause the inflammation of the leakage along the lining of the nose and even into the nose. These types of nasal problems can be really annoying, especially if it occurs in the middle of the day as it swells the lining in your nose and obstructs the flow of the air in and out your sinus and nasal cavity.
There are many causes of these symptoms, this article will tell you more about these simple nasal problems and its home remedies.

Hypersensitivity to allergens can easily cause anyone allergic rhinitis. Allergens can come in many form, they are minute particles in the air that when inhaled, the cells within the nose and of the lungs release bodily chemicals like histamine and other chemicals and cause allergic reactions. These chemicals will break into the leakage of fluid along the lining of the nose which later develops into runny nose or congestion in the nasal cavity. Problems in nasal cavity can also cause itchy and teary eyes which can be very uncomfortable.

Many people think that allergies like these can be cured with antibiotics. This is a common misconception however, antibiotics have no effect on virus causing colds like congestion, runny nose and sneezing. Antibiotics may affect the bacteria present in the affected area, but it can’t really relieve the symptom.
If you don’t want to take medications with uncomfortable side-effects, your best option is herbal and natural remedies. One of the most effective remedy for allergies like these comes in very simple form. Oral fluids like broth, chicken soup and hot tea with honey and lemon can help relieve the symptom.

For nasal congestion, you can mix salt into a lukewarm water and spray and mists to give soothing relief in your nasal passages. Saline solution is also good for young kids and even babies. Traditional drug medications can give strong side-effects to their young body, thus, natural home solutions if your best option for them. Nose drops of the solutions can help clear relieve obstruction in their nose passages.