Decorating Either Side of a Wall-Mount TV

Many homeowners struggle with how to decorate around a wall-mounted TV. It is important to find a decorative style that does not conflict with the overall theme of the room. But you should also choose a style that does not distract the eye while watching television. The decoration options are limited by the size of the TV and the mounting height.


Use tall floor speakers. Speakers come in a variety of shapes and heights. Tie the TV to the floor by placing a credenza, floating shelves or media storage center below it. Some people mount their TVs over a fireplace. Choose the solution that leaves a maximum of between 6 and 12 inches of space below the TV. Place the speakers on either side of the TV to give it an entertainment center feel. Paint metal wire covers to match the wall and hide the wires to keep the design clean. The speakers may be placed on top of the floor anchor piece to match the height of the TV if necessary.

Use lamps to accent the sides of the TV. Place tall floor lamps or mount lamps on the wall on both sides of the TV. Use a floor anchor piece to complete the desired look. You may also use tabletop lamps if the floor anchor piece permits it.

Use framed pictures to decorate the wall beside the TV. Avoid using frames of the same shape and size as the TV. Use several small, square frames on just one side, for example. Use long, vertical frames on both sides to give the TV an enclosed look. Use this technique in conjunction with a floor anchor piece for added visual effect.

Place plants on either side of the wall-mounted TV. Use tall floor plants or set the plants on the piece that anchors the TV to the floor. Plants work better than flowers because bright colors tend to draw the eye away from the TV, which may become distracting when watching a program.