Caught This Guy Snooping on His Girlfriend

I was in the library the other day and I happened to notice this guy across the table from me. I had a class with him, but I did not really know him that well, however I realized that he was using some sort of kik spy program to spy on this girl. He had apparently hidden it in an email that appeared to be from It seemed more than a little creepy to me, but of course it really was not that much by business. I was quite curious as to how it worked. Of course I assumed that this was something which was designed for parents, because it is quite obvious that you should not legally be able to do this unless you were the person who owned the phone. It would not be something that you could legally do to some random person I supposed. Of course if it is your phone, then there is not much that you can not do with it if you want to do it.

That seems to be how it works and this guy probably gave the phone to his girlfriend. It seems really creepy to me just the same and of course I am not sure how that phone belongs to him in reality. If you give a phone to another person as a gift, that seems like the phone belongs to them. It is not your phone if you have willingly given it to this other person, although I am sure that you have a pretty good legal argument. It is not all that hard to figure out what is right or wrong, but what is legal is another matter all together. It is not something you could know for sure unless you have a legal opinion. That is going to require you to get through a trial to find out one way or the other.