AMA Nation & Public Power Provide MLM Network Marketers With an Unmatched Opportunity

Public Power and America Approved Energy Services (AMA Nation) officially launched a small business opportunity May 15th, 2010 unmatched in the Network Marketing industry creating a home based business that will provide many with financial freedom.  Do you remember when Telecommunications deregulated? If you don’t, let me refresh your memory. Once upon a time there was one long distance provider that ruled the world.  That company’s name was AT&T.  In 1984 telecom deregulated providing the public with more options to save money on their long distance charges which opened the door for MCI who later became MCI Worldcom and Sprint.  Although we, the general public now had three companies competing for our business providing competitive long distance rates the government added more deregulation laws which completely broke up the three monopolies 10 years later in 1994.  From that point there were hundreds of companies the public could choose from for the most competitive domestic and international long distance rates.  This resulted in an enormous transfer of wealth from the major conglomerates to the small businesses that were able to also compete.  There were thousands of multi-millionaires made during this time period!

One of those small companies was named Excel Communications which offered the first network marketing opportunity in this space.  The premise behind network marketing and direct sales is simply another method of advertising for a company.  Instead of spending money on telemarketers, bill boards, television and radio advertising they created a home based business opportunity for the average Joe to get paid for referring a product to their friends, family and co-workers instead.  It happened again, an explosion of home based business owners became multi-millionaires by referring their friends and family to do business with them and save on their long distance charges!  In fact, Excel Communications beat Microsoft’s fastest growing company record!  Microsoft made 1 billion dollars by their tenth year in business.  Excel communications went from zero to one billion dollars in revenue in a short six years because they decided word of mouth advertising was a better customer acquisition  method than traditional advertising. Haven’t you ever referred a movie or a restaurant to someone?  Wouldn’t you like to get paid for that referral?  That sums up the network marketing/direct selling business model.

So, I am sure you are wondering what is deregulation.  When you think about the telecommunications deregulation trend, you may remember that there were two sides of your bill.  There was your primary telephone services provider which provided you with the wiring to your home and telephone as well as the billing.  But the long distance provider could be changed at any time for more competitive rates.  In energy deregulation it works the same way.  You are still being billed by your primary provider and the same reliable service that you are accustomed to calling on if something goes wrong with your power wires or poles etc will always be there for you.  But now you have a choice, a choice to choose another supplier. 

The strategic partnership of Public Power with America Approved Energy Services also known as AMA Nation will create a similar phenomenon as Excel Communications.  In fact, many believe this opportunity will be even greater simply because telecom was an 80 billion dollar industry whereas energy is a 247-400 Billion Dollar industry when you add in both electricity and natural gas.  With the current economy, this is a match made in heaven.  Peter Jensen aka ‘PJ’ founded a marketing firm for the sole purpose of marketing energy through a network marketing vehicle called America Approved Energy Services.  PJ has been a successful network marketer in the industry and has achieved 6 figure per month income levels with his last network marketing company.  He is considered to be one of the top 5% income earners in network marketing.  With that said, I’m sure you can imagine, his success also came with frustrations.  PJ is well aware of the ups and downs of network marketing and why many fail at this type of home based business.  With that knowledge he and what I like to call the A Team created a business model unmatched in the industry.  For one, the compensation plan is designed for everyone to win.  There are six ways of getting paid.  A small business consultant with America Approved Energy Services (AMA Nation) will be paid for customer referrals both up front and every time that referred customer pays their bill creating a residual income with a very high retention rate.  Why is the retention rate 97% you ask?  Because Everyone must pay their bill.  Can you imagine getting paid on hundreds or thousands of customers who pay their electric and/or gas bill every month?  Wouldn’t that residual give someone the important life changing financial and time freedom they need to enjoy their family or go on more vacations? 

When home based business owners refer others to this opportunity and purchase their energy pack, high tech/high touch websites with integrated e-commerce, merchant account and more(virtually a business in a box), they are also compensated for sharing the home business to other families so that they may also have the opportunity to create an extra or primary income stream for their family by simply providing information to consumers about energy deregulation and allowing those customers to have a choice to receive competitive rates and/or rewards from a wonderful strategic partnership with Citi Humana just for being a loyal customer.  Additionally, a really good home based business opportunity in the network marketing arena is usually at a cost of $495 or more.  Which in my opinion is nothing compared to the cost of a traditional franchise or brick and mortar; although even the initial start up to become a consultant is less than $180! 

Public Power’s CEO, Bob Gries is a multi-millionaire with a background in sports and private equity funding.  Mr. Gries’ family owned the Cleveland Browns for many years and he himself has owned or had part ownership with several other major sports franchises.  Having a financial backer like Bob Gries will allow this company to go straight to the top!  In fact, Simion Rice even has a small equity ownership in the company!  Their vision is to be in more deregulated states than any other company to attempt coupling Network Marketing with energy deregulation.  Currently service can be provided to residents and businesses in NY, PA, CT and MA and the company has plans to also be available in NJ, IL, MD and TX in the near future.  Additionally the consultants will be able to help customers in many areas of energy in general!  Public Power has created a strategic partnership with proenergy consultants which provides scientific energy conservation inspections to homeowners.  This service is available in 27 states.  Consultants are also able to offer consumers an entire line of energy conservation products that completely set this company aside from any of its perceived competitors.

I can go on and on about the perks of this home based business for both the customer and the consultant.  But I think you may want to check this one out.  I have and was blown away by the founders, the partnerships, the products and so much more!  This company has even taken an initiative to help the environment and will plant 12 trees for every customer that they acquire! 

Tene Williams Your Achievers Only! Business Coaching Guru gives this partnership with

America Approved Energy Services and Public Power two thumbs up! As a 17 year entrepreneurial veteran in real estate, mortgage and business consulting I can honestly say network marketing is the wave of the future…I mean if your mom said, hey, I found a way we could save on our electricity and I also found a way for us to get paid by showing others would you become your mom’s first customer? That’s the power of network marketing and with the financially challenging times we are all experiencing we can use a break! Check out more information on this company at