Home Solutions When Vomiting

Vomiting, puking or hurling are all different words used to describe the same thing. Whether you be a human or a dog. Why do you puke? This is the bodies way of getting rid of stuff in their stomach that does not agree with you or is bad for you. Doing this can be caused by many things.

Nobody likes that feeling of your stomach getting tight and you just know what is coming next. Lets see if we can help relieve you of some of the bad things that you feel when you vomit.

One thing you have to look out for. If you puke up blood, get your butt to the emergency room A.S.A.P. If it looks like brown used coffee grounds get to the emergency room. I’m sure your parents have told you what their parents cures were for this disgusting expulsion of stomach contents. There are all kinds of solutions to this throwing up thing. Now there are things available at the pharmacy with needing a prescription.

Grandmothers cure for the pukes seem like a good idea at the time, but may not be the best solution. When you vomit, it is a sign that there is something else wrong with you. You should be done throwing up after 24 hours. If you are not, get to the doctor. Cures in the home. coke syrup. This supposedly settles your stomach. vomiting will make you lose liquid from your body that will need to be replaced. You can accomplish this by consuming Gatorade, Power-aide or water.

Just be sure to wait at least 60 minutes before you drink anything after puking.

Besides coke syrup, any kind of non carbonated syrup is good. It will settle your stomach. A slush drink for your vomiting. Ginger and apple juice. Just mix a half a teaspoon of the ginger with apple juice. Water down the apple juice with a quarter cup of aqua. Make sure the ginger is completely mixed with the liquids. Then blend in the ice until slush consistency.

You can also make little homemade frozen pops out of this concoction. You can also try drinking rice water. You boil rice, strain, then drink the water. Kinda sounds gross, but they say it works.

It is supposed to put stop to the puking. Clove water. Probably tastes disgusting. You soak cloves in water, then drink the water. That makes me want to puke just thinking about that. Apple cider vinegar is said to be a good solution to vomiting to. It is said to help out women that vomit due to being with child.

Dilute the apple cider vinegar with water, drink it before sleepy time. It will be like drinking stinky feet water. There you have some home cures to puking. I don’t know if I would try them, but you might be up for it.